Crypto / Web3 regulation
Follow my crypto twitter account: @metaconstit. My current crypto-related research projects: Financial surveillance and the ‘travel rule’ in the EU I argue that some key features of the current regulatory financial surveillance framework in the EU, including anti-money laundering measures like the ‘travel rule’, are incompatible with the EU’s own constitutional (fundamental) law.
Technology law and policy
The current regulatory climate for digital technology is moving in the direction of increased regulation, but many of the far-reaching proposals for change have significant flaws. Those flaws often result from technologists misunderstanding how the law works and from lawyers and policy analysts not understanding technology.
Much of my current research—especially within the legal technology theme—involves coding (computer programming). Over the past two years I’ve been developing an innovative approach to studying how United Kingdom law works in practice with the help of software I code specifically for my research (see the legal technology theme).
Technology in law and legal research
Computational legal research, teaching tech skills to lawyers.
Public law
UK and EU constitutional and administrative law.
Legal philosophy
General jurisprudence and constitutional theory.