Research theme

Crypto / Web3 regulation

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My current crypto-related research projects:

Financial surveillance and the ‘travel rule’ in the EU

I argue that some key features of the current regulatory financial surveillance framework in the EU, including anti-money laundering measures like the ‘travel rule’, are incompatible with the EU’s own constitutional (fundamental) law. One of the key problems is that there is no reliable evidence that those rules are proportionate (i.e. that they work as they should), which makes it urgent to explore alternative ways for fighting crime, instead of extending the current rules to new cases (eg transactions with non-custodial wallets).


  • “Why the EU’s Rushed ‘Travel Rule’ for Crypto Should Be Struck Down” (Coindesk, Yahoo, 25 July 2022)
  • “Privacy, Crypto, and EU Financial Surveillance” (Truth on the Market, 11 July 2022)

MEV and the law of the dark forest

I’m exploring the question of legality of (and potential legal liability for) some of the cryptocurrency market strategies known as miner extractable value (MEV).

In my work on technology law and policy, I build on my background in UK and EU public law, legal philosophy, and technology.